The Fifth Season (UK, Canada, Australia)

The Fifth Season was published in the UK, Canada and Australia in April 2014.

When a family enjoying a walk in the woods outside Linköping, Sweden, discover the badly mutilated body of a young girl, Inspector Malin Fors is put in charge of the case.

   Malin immediately draws parallels between this case and one that has long haunted her– that of Maria Murvall. Several years ago, Maria was found in the same forest, having been raped and brutally beaten. Since then she has lived in complete silence in a secure psychiatric clinic.
   When Malin meets a psychologist from a nearby hospital who mentions a third similar case, suddenly Maria appears to be a small part of a much bigger puzzle. But what happened that was so terrible it cannot be put into words?
   Malin is determined to get to the bottom of the case and finally uncover the truth of Maria’s horrific past, no matter where it might take her.

'The Fifth Season is atmospheric, disturbing and memorable.'
The Sydney Morning Herald

'Tense, dark and suspenseful . . . leads us into the darkest corners of the human psyche'
Daily Express

'Meditative, dark and really, really cold'
Booklist (starred review)

'Beautiful, exquisite, original'
Literary Review

'This is a solid series by Kallentoft that always makes interesting reading . .. A well-crafted murder story that once more shows the violence done to women.'

'The Fifth Season signals the end of Mons Kallentoft’s highly individual ’season’ series with his intutive detective Malin Fors. Kallentoft himself called the novels in the sequence a Dante-esque study in evil, looking at it from all possible angles to try to discern what evil actually is, where it comes from, what it feels like, how it smells….

This confrontation with the inner core of human malfeasance means that The Fifth Season is, inevitably, a gruesome and shocking book, But Kallentoft is never gratutitous: every disturbing thing in these pages serves a distict purpose. Kallentoft has a dispassionate eye regarding his characters, but that doesn’t stop the reader becoming totally involved. What’s more, Kallentoft, with his highly unusual style, produces something quite unlike other writers on the Scandinavain crime scene.'
Good Book Guide, Barry Forshaw

"As with other Scandinavian Crime Writers, this title is a book that works wonderfully well for the reader, the description of the landscape works wonderfully well which when blended with the bleakness of the scenario alongside characters that leap from the page, make this a book that is hard to put down. The prose is sharp, the dialogue wonderfully rich and when added to a rich background all round makes this a top notch read for those who like to get into something that will stay with them long after the final page is turned. Cracking."
Falcata Times

"Mons has a great potential. I truly believe he could become one of the best crime writers in the world."

Hildur Sif Author